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E-Max 80L City

emax2 Exchangeable & transportable battery

It’s time to ditch your noisy car inside residential compounds and instead commute using the 80L City Electric Scooter. It’s silent, lightweight, and helps improve the air quality in your neighborhood It even comes with a storage bag mounted at the back of the scooter! Just plug it in for a few hours and you can ride it for up to 40 km before needing to recharge the battery again.

High range at reasonable price.
Under 2 kw(0.75 euro) pr. charge for 100km.

Technical specification

BatteryConcept Lithium(48v/20Ah) removable
BatteryCapacity 48v/20Ah
Charging time 3-5hours
Re-charge Cycles 900
Motor (Max. Power) 1500W 13′ high torque maintenance free motor
Speed 25 or 45 km/h
Max. Range 40km
ClimbingCapacity 18%
Weight 73kg
Tires 130/60-13
Brakes hydraulic disc brake
Rim Alum.
Dimension (mm) 1905x720x1140
Wheelbase (mm) 1385
GroundClearance (mm) 150
Maximum Load 190kg / 220kg (Li)
Batteryweight 13.5 kg


The Motor

motor The motor was exclusively developed by e-max for the application in electric scooters. The location of the 13-inch wheel motor in the rear wheel enables smooth power transmission. It is maintenance free and due to the immense torque does not need a transmission. Also the access to the tire is very simple because of the single, rear suspension

The Electronic Controller

emax5 E-max scooters have a digital controller which controls the motor and was especially designed for the needs of an electric scooter. The lithium ion version has an innovative battery management system (BMS) with automotive approval. The BMS has an integrated black box which monitors and records the condition of the battery, motor and track.

The Booster

emax6 The booster provides up to 80% more power for a period, so inclines of over 20% are no problem. Three basic indication depending on driving conditions – Eco, Normal & max.

The Dashboard

emax7 The electronic Dashboard always greets you with safety warnings and reminds you to use helmet. The dashboard also shows your speed in miles and km and easy to read.

The Battery

emax8 E-max offers customers a choice: the cost-effective silicon batteries with 40 Ah, 60 Ah & 90 Ah based on a 48 V system or the extremely light weight lithium batteries which allow a range of up to 150 km and a charging time between 3-5 hours. Lithium can be recharged to a minimum of 2000 full cycles; this means aprox. 200,000 km can be driven. Both battery systems have no memory effect, so you can charge them whenever you want without problems

The Cage Frame

emax9 The cage frame was exclusively designed for e-max electric scooters. Because of the cage shape it is extremely strong, light and offers enough space to fit up to 60 Ah silicone or 15 x 90 Ah lithium batteries. It is an e-max patent and the first frame for a 13-inch wheel used in electric vehicles with single rear suspension for easy access to motor and tire. With the batteries in the bottom the g-point is very low and the scooter very stable.

The Brakes

emax10 The E-max is equipped with hydraulic floating disc brakes in the front and as well in the rear