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E-Max SD110 / LD110(Li) – Cargo / Postal / Delivery

The 110SD is one of the most advanced electric scooters in the world and can be customized according to the customer’s needs. Our customers today include DAO Distribution Denmark, Copenhagen muncipility, Firebrigade Denmark, Correos Spain, TNT Post Italy, TNT Post Germany, DAO Distribution, Correios Brazil, South Africa Post and many more around the world.The Cargo model is made especially for delivery version. Still the same electric power of 4000watt with zero emmission and soundless.

Technical specification

BatteryConcept Silicon (48v/60Ah) or Lithium(48v/60Ah)
BatteryCapacity 48v/60Ah or 48V/60Ah(Li)
Charging time 3-5hours
Re-charge Cycles 300silicon/ 1500(Li)
Motor (Max. Power) 4000W 13′ high torque maintenance free motor
Speed 25 or 45 km/h
Max. Range 80-90 km Silicon120 km Lithium under normal conditions
ClimbingCapacity 22%
Weight 190Kg / 125kg(Li)
Tires 130/60-13
Brakes hydraulic disc brake
Rim Alum.
Dimension (mm) 1905x720x1140
Wheelbase (mm) 1385
GroundClearance (mm) 150
Maximum Load 190kg / 220kg (Li)