M-Trike XL

You can opt for the M-Trike XL for pulling several trolleys. It is also very suitable as a maintenance trolley. Because of its heavier batteries and wider rear axle, this model is extremely strong and stable, while it is still easy to manoeuvre.  When the M-Trike XL is used for passenger transportation  and large distances have to be bridged, then the M-Trike XLS is the perfect solution. With a maximum speed of up to 25 km / h you will be able to get everywhere quickly.

Technical specification and options

With a length of 150 cm, a width of 72 cm and its 800W motor, the M-Trike XL is a very maneuverable little powertrike. The adjustable backrest makes driving comfortable, easy and secure for everyone.
Optional components are available, such  as a quick charger, couplings for several trolleys or wagons and leak proof tires for the M-Trike as well as the M-Trike XL. Also the M-Trike (XL) can be supplied with a holder for so-called Europool crates, which are ideal for transporting, for instance, tools needed by maintenance personnel.