The M-Truck is an individual electric truck ,which, in contrast to the M-Trike and M-TrikeXL is able to move very heavy loads. Behind the M-Truck, various types of trolley can be coupled, such as loading and transport trolleys, to be transported within the company. Because of the ease, simplicity and favorable pricing, choosing the M-Truck is choosing for an excellent logistics solution, without major investments or changes in your company.

Technical specification

The M-Truck features a 3000W 48V RWD with solid rubber tires. Together with the 4 160Ah batteries this delivers great and long lasting traction. The user-friendly control unit makes working with the M-Truck very easy and also very safe. For safety reasons, the speed of the truck is limited to 10km / h. The tractor is equipped with batteries, a battery charger, battery indicator and tiller. The M-Truck measures only 1.60m by 0.83m what makes it not only very ergonomic but highly maneuverable as well.