Pure Energy on two wheels? Why not?
Brammo Empulse has the strength and scope to match.


Personal transport in a class of it's own and
it runs equally well on the road as in difficult terrain.


It's German, totally electric and equally charming
as its famous Italian petrol cousin.


Virto is the electric vehicle
that solves most transport tasks - both inside and out.

Electric Cargo wagons

It's the electric truck that can go anywhere
and pull almost anything.

No CO2 emissions • Inexpensive operation • No noise


With a top speed of 110 mph and superior acceleration Brammo Empulse is the world’s fastest electric motor bike in production. Now you can get it in Denmark and all it requires is an ordinary electrical outlet and of course a motorcycle license. Læs mere »


Segway took the world by storm when the smart two-wheeled electric vehicle was unveiled in 2001. You can use it as mobile advertising, at the warehouse, at leisure, on patrol, in the field or at the town festival. Læs mere »


The electric scooter is today’s answer to the classic scooter. It drives just as well and is cheap to operate. Clean energy in the urban environment, fast and easy transport without pollution and noise. It also comes in several variants for both professional and home use. Læs mere »


Virto is a sustainable transport on three wheels and with a variety of applications – from internal transport and logistics, the guard and police or for advertising and PR. It is approved for messengers on public roads, but perform all tasks – even indoors. Læs mere »


The M-Truck is an electric truck that can go anywhere and pull almost anything – even the heavier loads. Clean energy for internal transpoort and logistics tasks. It’s equipped with four batteries and a powerful engine. Læs mere »